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Bracket ceiling / wall of the mesh tray 200 mm, rapid installation, 2.0 mm, galvanized

Product Code: CMS-PWB200E2.0Z
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Ceiling bracket galvanized (universal) for a metal tray 50 - 100 mm wide is designed to organize quick fastening on the ceiling and side surfaces of metal cable duct systems, as well as all kinds of equipment suitable in size. On the upper and lower platforms of the bracket (parallel to each other) there are round holes that are used to fix the bracket to the ceiling or wall using expansion anchors, dowels and metal molts up to Ø 8 mm in diameter. Round holes are stamped along the entire length of the bracket. They can also be used to mount to a ceiling and wall, or to bolt and nut an all-metal or perforated metal tray.

The fixing of the 50 or 100 mm wire cable tray to the base of the bracket takes place without the use of auxiliary fasteners. The tray is installed and pushed all the way into the prepared grooves, after which, using a screwdriver or other lever, the elements protruding above the groove are bent, fixing it securely. This method will significantly speed up the installation, eliminating the time spent installing washers and tightening bolts and nuts.

Ceiling bracket for mesh tray 50 - 100 mm after forming and stamping, galvanized by electrolytic galvanizing (galvanized). During the electrolytic process, a thin zinc layer with a thickness of 20 μm is deposited. This is followed by passivation of the part, thus protecting it from corrosion under standard indoor conditions.

Code: CMS-PWB100E2.0Z

Material: galvanized steel

Depth, mm: 130-170

Height, mm: 188

Width, mm: 47

Metal thickness, mm: 2

Manufacturer: CMS Ukraine

The warranty period is 12 months from the date of sale.
The products have a certificate of conformity.

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