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Optical cable universal CMS-U-DQ(BN)H-12F E9/125-1.0kN FRNC sheath

Product Code: CMS-U-DQ(BN)H-12E-1.0
Brands CMS
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Optical fiber type
Singlemode SM (OS2) E9/125
Number of fibers
Optical cable design
Dielectric gel-filled
Optical cable type
Sheath material
They are used for laying inside buildings, in cable trays, in cable ducts, cable ducts, pipes, blocks, tunnels, as well as for outdoor laying along the external facades of buildings, for suspension on poles of overhead communication lines, power lines, lighting poles, between buildings and structures.
The center optics are cushioned with reinforced glass threads and protected by an outer shell made of FRNC material. The free space in the optical module is filled with a hydrophobic gel. The cable is widely used as a distribution and subscriber drop cable in the construction of FTTB and FTTN networks in cities and low-rise sectors.

Cable construction:
SMF 28e Ultra Optical Fibers (ITU-T Category G.652 D)
Thixotropic hydrophobic helium core tube filler with fibers
2.0mm diameter blue center tube
Power element kevlar fibers
Ripcord (break cord)
FRNC flame retardant outer sheath
Optical fiber:
Singlemode type G.657.A1 (Corning SMF-28 Ultra 200)
 1-24 fibers
 Central tube filled with gel
 Color coding according to IEC 60304 - DIN VDE0888
FRNC shell
Diameter 5 mm
UV protection
Central tube reinforced with aramid threads
As part of the Ripcord design
Mechanical properties:
Maximum distance between suspension supports - 50 m
Maximum sagging - 2%
Permissible tensile load, kN - 1
Permissible crushing load, N / cm - 300
Min. bending radius OK, mm - 50
Working temperature, ° С -40 ... + 70
Installation temperature, ° С -10 ... + 50
Transportation and storage, ° С -60 ... + 70

CMS cable brand, cable type U-DQ (BN) H, number of fibers 12F, fiber type E9 / 125 SMF-28 Ultra, sheath type FRNC, meter tags 0000M, date of manufacture dd ‑ mm ‑ yy
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