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FTTH MB FRP Drop Fibre Optica Cable 4E9/125m

Product Code: CMS-DROP-DF04E9B
Brands CMS
6.50 грн./m
Price with Tax
Not available
Optical fiber type
Singlemode SM (OS2) E9/125
Number of fibers
Optical cable design
Drop cable
Optical cable type
FTTH (Fiber to the Home)

iber to the Home (FTTH) is becoming increasingly more common as bandwidth usage is exploding. This tremendous growth is driven in part by the rapid increase in Internet-connected devices and the use of data-heavy applications such as video on demand. Service providers are working to meet this need for greater bandwidth by expanding the deployment of fiber optic cables to the premises and then into the home.

Service providers building these networks all face a common challenge: the expense of the last mile in the optical network. It is critical for service providers, utilities and municipalities to have an optimized set of deployment options that help to reduce both capital and operational expenses.


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