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Параметр крученої пари «delay skew»

The signal is spread over separate pairs of twisted pair at a different rate, the reason is the different lay length and properties of the wire.

Each pair in the cable will have its speed value signal spread the word.

Parameter «delay skew» is the maximum time difference between the signal propagation delays for each of the pairs.

High-speed applications using the technology of parallel signal transmission over several pairs are very sensitive to the temporal characteristics of the signal.

Cable FutureCom ™ Corning values ​​are:

FutureCom ™ F / UTP 300/24​​, Category 5e, Delay skew 7 ns/100 m

FutureCom ™ F / FTP 450/23, Category 6, Delay skew 4 ns/100 m

FutureCom ™ F / FTP 550/23, Category 6A, Delay skew 4 ns/100 m

FutureCom ™ S / FTP 800/23, Category 7, Delay skew 4 ns/100 m