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Стандартизація DIN & VDE (набір буквених кодів для позначення кабелів).

Product / Application

  • A (Outdoor cable)
  • AT (Outdoor cable, divisible)
  • B (Loose tube, unfilled)
  • D (Loose tube, filled)
  • F (Fibre)
  • H (Single-fibre loose tube, unfilled)
  • J (Indoor cable)
  • U (Universal cable (indoor & outdoor))
  • V (Tight buffer)
  • W (Single-fibre loose tube, filled)


  • B Loose tube, unfilled
  • D Loose tube, filled
  • DA Loose tube made of aluminium, filled
  • DC Loose tube made of copper, filled
  • DS Loose tube mae of steel, filled
  • H Single-fibre loose tube, unfilled
  • V Tight buffer
  • W Single-fibre loose tube, filled

Construction details (from left to right, in the cable: from inside to outside)

  • B Armouring
  • 1B Armouring with one layer steel band
  • 2B Armouring with two layers steel band
  • F Cable core fi lled
  • 0F Cable core fi lled with solids
  • Q Dry swelling materials in cable core
  • (L) Plain, overlapping aluminium foil
  • (R…) Armouring made of round wires; … wire diameter in mm
  • S Metal stranding element
  • W Steel braids
  • (ZN) Non-metallic strain-relief elements
  • (ZS) Metallic strain-relief/supporting elements in cable core
  • SG Armouring with smooth steel tape
  • SR Armouring with corrugated steel tape

Sheath or secondary coating

  • H made of halogen-free material
  • M made of lead
  • Y made of PVC
  • 2Y made of PE
  • 4Y made of PA
  • 5Y made of PTFE
  • 6Y made of FEP
  • 7Y made of ETFE
  • 9Y made of PP
  • 11Y made of TPE-U (PUR)
  • 12Y made of TPE-E