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Стандартні роз’єми S1200 для категорії 7 і 7А

Jack allows branching pair on different applications without the use of Y-couplers. In one 4-pair jack can be selectively inserted:

one 4-pair plug
two 2-pair plug side by side
one 2-pair plug and two 1-pair
four 1-pair plug

Connectors, and most importantly, S1200 and forks originally designed for field termination, and it requires only the most basic tools and finished segments and patch cords are guaranteed to provide bandwidth in the range up to 1.2 GHz. This is twice as wide as standard requirements for category 7. Connectors turned so successful that systems S1200 achieved bandwidth of 1 Gigabit on two pairs of four in total segment length of 100 meters in the classic at 4 compounds in the feed. A couple working on the reception, the second — to the transfer. This configuration has been proposed in the standard ISO / IEC 14165-114 as a fairly distant future, we can say a landmark in the development of the industry, and connector S1200 allowed to implement it immediately. In fact, at one 4-pair port you get two Gigabit connections. As far as we know, the connector S1200 not only the first in the industry was able to provide such features, but really only at the moment.


4-pair segments of the S1200-S1200 features provide category 7A / class FA and support speeds up to 10 Gb / s and above

2-pair shielded cables S1200-RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet applications used for 10/100 Mbit / s Voice over IP (VoIP) and video over IP

4-pair shielded cables S1200-RJ45 augmented category 6A applications support the 1 — and 10 — Gigabit Ethernet

1-pair cords S1200-S1200 are designed for voice and video.

1-pair cords S1200-RJ11 designed for analog voice applications


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