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Інструмент для обтискання прохідних 8P8C/RJ45, з кільцевим зажимом та перемикачем фіксуючої планки

Артикул: HT-581EQ
Виробники Hanlong
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Works on shielded/unshielded & shielded tail clip 8P plugs.

Open-Pass, Shielded Tail Clip ( External Ground) 8P Modular Plug Crimper

  • Works on Open-Pass and shielded tail clip (external ground) 8P plugs.
  • Zinc alloy section crimps and trims the extended wires with flat surface in one step accurately.
  • 360-degree holder wraps clip and crimps onto cable securely.
  • Adjustable crimp bar for the plug type with or without strain latch.
  • Integrated round cable stripper & cutter for cable preparation and user handy.
  • Blade-guard reduces injury during cutting and stripping operation.
  • Handle lock keeps in closed position for better safety and storage.
  • Ergonomic non-slip dual-color grips enhance user comfort.

  • Cable  Around Ø5.5 and Ø8.5
  • Length 190mm(7.5")  
  • Weight 321g


Replacement blade: HT-581EQ-RB

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