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Small Wall Terminal - SWT 4

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The Small Wall Terminal is specifically designed to be installed close to or inside the subscribers’ premises. The terminal is suitable for FTTH applications in both Multidwelling Units (MDU) and Single-Family Units (SFU). It provides an interface between the installed network and the customer device (ONT). The outlet is designed to be easily installed by operators, and its compact design is suitable for use in the home. The terminal can accommodate both fusion and mechanical splices as well as field installable connectors.

The Small Wall Terminal can be equipped with 4 SC or 8 LC ports. The adapter can be placed in a front position for easy and fast access for the patchcord to ONT, or it can be placed at a back position for higher protection. Two cables with up to 5.0 mm diameter can enter the terminal from either the bottom or rear side. In addition, a multi-functional splice tray is integrated to accommodate fusion or mechanical splices. OptiSnap®, as a field installable connector, can also be used for fast and secure installation. We recommend the usage of our optimized drop cable assembly or the pre-installed SWT-4.

SWT Dimensions: 103 mm x 75 mm x 27 mm

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