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Fiber optic cable dielectric, Suspension, monotub, 8E9/125, G.652D, PE, 1 kH, Odeskabel.

Product Code: ОКТ-Д(1,0)П-8Е1
Brands Odeskabel
20.50 грн./m
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Optical fiber type
Singlemode SM (OS2) E9/125
Number of fibers
Optical cable design
Dielectric gel-filled
Optical cable type
ОКТ-Д(1,0)П (ADSS)

Designed for suspension of operation and on aerial lines, urban electric and overhead power lines with spans of up to 60m.

Cable design:

  1. The central tube fiber filled gel.
  2. Longitudinal fiberglass rods in the shell.
  3. The outer sheath of polyethylene Ø 6 mm.

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