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FREEDM™ Gel-free Loose Tube Dielectric Armour Indoor/Outdoor Cable 2x12 G50 MMF ClearCurve® OM3 LT 2.3 (Eca)

Product Code: 024TRU-T3188D2G
Brands Corning
367.50 грн./m
Price with Tax
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Optical fiber type
Multimode MM (OM3) G50/125
Number of fibers
Optical cable design
Dielectric gel-free
Optical cable type
U-BQ(ZN)BH (Gel-Free)

  • Environment Indoor / Outdoor, universal
  • Cable type Loose tube
  • Product type Dielectric armour
  • Fibre category 50 µm MM (OM3)
  • Flame rating LSZH™/FRNC

Cable marking

  • Metre - Handset - CE 18 EN 50575 Eca - Sine - CORNING - Fibre Optic Cable - Year - U-BQ(ZN)BH 24 OM3CC LT 2.3 LSZH(TM)/FRNC

Central element Dielectric
Fibre count 24
Buffer tube colour coding Blue, orange

  • Tensile Strength Elements and/or Armouring - Layer 1 Laminated glass yarn armour
  • Buffer tube colour Blue, orange
  • Buffer tube diameter 2.25 mm
  • Central element diameter 2.5 mm
  • Weight 109 kg/km
  • Nominal outer diameter 10.7 mm
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