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Central Tube Steel Armor Indoor/Outdoor Cable 8F E9 SMF-28e+® ITU G652.D CT 3.0

Product Code: 008EEY-13122H2G
Brands Corning
76.95 грн./m
Price with Tax
Not available
Optical fiber type
Singlemode SM (OS2) E9/125
Number of fibers
Optical cable design
Corrugated steel armor
Optical cable type
U-DQ(ZN)(SR)H (Steel Armour)

Corning MPC (multipurpose cable) central tube cables with corrugated steel armoring are flame–retardant, indoor/outdoor cables designed for interbuilding and intrabuilding backbones in duct, direct burial and riser applications. The central tube cable construction, by isolating the fibers from installations and environmental rigors, provides stable and highly reliable transmission parameters. The fibers are color coded for quick, easy identification. The cable construction, based on a central buffer tube, is compact, light, flexible and ideal for connections requiring a moderate fiber count. These cables are designed for installation in conduits, ducts, direct burial and in-house.

  • Fibre count 8 SMF-28e+® ITU G652.D
  • Outer jacket colour Black
  • Outer jacket material Flame-retardant, non-corrosive/low-smoke, zero-halogen (FRNC/LSZH) material
  • Outer jacket nominal thickness 1.5 mm
  • Tensile Strength Elements and/or Armouring -
  • Layer 1 Aramid yarn with swellable elements
  • Tensile strength elements and/or armouring -
  • Layer 2 Corrugated steel tape armour with water-swellable tape
  • Buffer tube diameter 3 mm
  • Buffer tube water blocking Thixotropic gel
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